So as a new university year looms up, I have taken it upon myself to read,study and take notes each day despite it still officially being the holiday. Why am I doing this? One: because I wish to stay on top of my studies, Two: I enjoy learning and finally it makes sense and becomes much simpler especially, if half the work is already done. This year not only am I writing my notes, I have taken it upon myself to type them up afterwards, that way I do not have to struggle with interpreting my awful hand-writing and in the process read and re-read everything so it stays in my head all the more.

Stepping away from places like facebook has helped my productivity no end. I think I allow myself approx 3 minutes a day if that, perusing other peoples stuff. It is easier to contemplate my own life than other peoples and doing things this way I may actually achieve something more. Time is a very precious commodity, some people think money is valuable, not so. Once time is gone, it is gone, you cannot turn the clock back. If you can work for yourself, follow your own path and see where your heart takes you. It may not be the easiest journey, though it may well be the most satisfying. The finest swords are tempered in the cruellest heat and the scars on your hands will provide the finest memories, something for the next generation to ask of you and inspire them on their life journey.

Learn new stuff, new skills take up a new hobby or learn a foreign language. You do not need to learn it in a set time, life is not a race it is a journey. If you die before becoming a master, remember that the teacher is still learning and only the fool thinks he knows everything, whilst the wise appreciate they still know nothing, even after one hundred years of learning. Set yourself a list of things to do each day, week,month and tick them off as you complete them. If you need to go food shopping, make a list and stick to it, don’t buy any one product in excess. Life simply, but be comfortable in that simplicity.