Plant Based Laundry Detergent


To my great pleasure I discovered I have one bottle of cider. That means apart from a small amount of Port wine there is bug all to drink in the house. I have no plans to buy any more for at least 24hours and shall see how things are tomorrow. I may not even drink anything this evening, though the cider is quite tasty and the Port… Well I am concerned it might evaporate, though if stored correctly it ought be ok for a few more days. I have no immediate plans to withdraw from alcohol completely, that would be irresponsible and it has been tried before. Then, at least I had a very good reason, it made me violently ill. Now I just feel like having a break and like any good alkie I am taking each day as it comes. In the meantime I am contemplating putting the washing out on a day when rain is on the menu and thinking about the other load that is in the machine, washing. Where and how I am going to be putting stuff out to dry is another question,happily we are forecast sunshine and dryness tomorrow so there may be a clue in that. In the meantime the ground is being watered and the snails are coming out to play, my plans to thwart their activities having come to naught. It is really slashing it down now and those towels are not getting any drier.

Part of a project exploring the human journey, spirituality and our connection to the universe and everything. My first piece of Painted work

Grey skies and foul weather can be and often are connected with low mood and depression, today however my mood is pretty good and for that I am quite grateful. The venturing into town later on though will test my patience and other things a little bit. Oxford city centre is apart from the nice buildings a shit hole and you may be pleased to hear enough has been written on that subject, if you don’t believe me come and visit the wretched place for yourself. To alleviate the ordeal I will probably visit this and find some inspiration perhaps for my own creativity. In other news, I am a coward and am avoiding speaking to an untrustworthy individual who wants me to do his garden. I do not trust the low down dog and suspect (not without foundation) that he wants to bring me into his church. He is a fool, albeit a clever one and I am a Roman Catholic and immune from such stuff and nonsense. This person stiffs his employees and tells untruths about his actions. However he coughs up the goods when people stick needles in wax dummies or the next nearest alternative. Maybe I ought to bite the bullet, grab my balls and phone the bastard and tell him I am not interested in his stuff or the work he is offering. He can get his Ukrainian refugees to do the work instead, telling him that would be really fun. Maybe that is the problem at hand and they never appeared at the airport, running off to visit family and friends instead.

What else? oh yes I have been painting again and am currently working on a large plank of wood, having ditched the idea of using a canvas for this piece of work. Elsewhere probably like a lot of artists, I have a load more work that is slowly being worked through. The rain has stopped, I need to organise some business cards and the garden wants some work doing, perhaps I ought to get up earlier. I go to bed early enough, so doing this will not impair me too much if at all, in fact it may well be beneficial certainly allowing for more working hours available to me throughout the day. There again not drinking so much will also play a part in this and that can only be a good thing