Mother Russia

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I have almost given up thinking about writing what I think about certain people, some of them are truly dreadful and ought not to be alive, let alone on this planet. To assuage my feelings about these people I am throwing myself into work and writing and wanking, well maybe not that. trust me these people are not worth wanking over, wankers yes,wanking no. I have a pleasant enough job that enables me to disappear and not speak to people for time on end, in other words it is almost ideal. I have peace and quiet, get plenty of exercise and have a decent employer who have an excellent staff restaurant which is a rarity these days and actually give a fuck for their employees. I have also it seems got rid of the two J’s. The older one i really ought to check in on again sometime, I like conversations and coffee in town with her, my ex as much as I loved her, we need to go our different ways, to preserve our sanity at the least, or mine cause at heart I am a selfish bastard. I look after my own shit first, then check on every one else. I will (maybe) call the MW later on and see how she is and if she would like to meet for caffeine and cake at the weekend. Or should I just say fuck it and do school work instead?

What else has been happening? It has been raining, bucket loads in fact, I am so glad to have decided to drive to work today, though it was more the fact my leg had packed up that decided that. Happily it is completely healed now and resting up nicely, waiting for its owner to stand up and start painting a portrait of a famous Nazi wife, this time Frau Lina Heydrich, Eva Braun is on the half way done list, not that I actually have a list just a pile of half finished work. Why Nazis? I hear you say, why not is my answer. What do you want me to do, a portrait of that senile git Biden? I might as well blow my nose and use the contents for that sadly my nose is snot free right now and shall start up again at work tomorrow. Biden is not worth a single drop of my snot, the very idea of painting him makes me feel ill, I would rather do something else.

Russia is not a communist state, Putin is not a communist, he may have served the state intelligence organ, so what which political leader of any merit has not, especially in Russia or the old USSR. Some idiots think he is a communist, Biden is a leftist, the media will not be telling you that, Biden also has lots to hide and desperately wants to win the next election. He will not. Until three weeks ago who could point out Ukraine on the map? Do you know the history of that country and its connection to Mother Russia? I do and studied it both at school and outside of that institution, I studied Russia through to higher certificate and continue to do so. Do not believe the lies being fed to you through the media, Ukraine has Nazi battalions in its army and Ultra nationalist thugs in positions of political power, their SS units were despised by their German counterparts in WW2 and noted as being ‘savages’ to prisoners: Jew and otherwise. Study history, realise the truth and turn off the television. Ukraine sold Mother Russia to the Nazi’s they are traitors and deserve to be treated as such. Without the great sacrifice made by Mother Russia in WW2 we would all be under the Nzi jack boot today… How does that make you feel?

lying dogs and scum


I recently got back from a weeks holiday in Woolacombe North Devon. We camped in a field, where it smelt of sewage. Essentially our camp site was fit for refugee’s and many have probably seen a lot better. Like old army barracks, which at least have a roof on them and four walls around. I lived in similar dwellings as an army cadet, it was all part of the adventure you know. Never once did any of complain, life at an English public school saw to that. It was almost luxury in comparison. That these people come here on their rafts, then have the audacity to complain about their accommodation, tells me one thing. They ought to all piss off back over the channel and and go back to where they came from. We have a homeless problem in this country and these idiots want a home? I will show them where home is and pint them in the right direction too.

This countries govt. are a bunch of self serving, spit licking liars and thieves. Hypocritical in the extreme, their actions make sensible, decent people want to vomit. P.M. Johnson was the pig that His predecessor was alleged to have fornicated with. I bet he squealed numerous times that day. I wonder if they passed him around between themselves, at that party. Can anybody who reads this blog, tell me their countries govt. are not a bunch of crooks? Some of them are even murderers. They just get other people to kill off their opponents, to ensure they stay in power remains unchecked. saying that Vladimir Putin makes a far better political leader than dear Boris. Maybe that is why outlets like the Bilderberg broadcasting Corporation, forget to mention Russia in the news these days. Just endless shit about the fashionable disease instead.


Too many lies have been uttered by these people, too many greedy drug companies. Too much F.E.A.R false events appearing real. Study history and read what Dr. Goebbels said about the big lie. Ask yourselves, why is it called the Government. GOVERN: control , MENT: from the word mental: The Mind. The same reason why we have Parliaments, they speak to the mind parlez: from the French ‘to speak’

Other news: It is overly warm here at the moment, it is not being caused by global warming. But drink plenty of fresh water anyway and do not spend too long baking yourself out there. A little but often is way better, than too much for too long. Do not worry about the sun screen, wear a T shirt, the suns rays will happily penetrate that, giving you a healthy dose of Vitamin D whilst you are going about your business. Go out, enjoy the sun and fart in the direction of your countries government. I will be.,