Distant rumblings

politics and religion

I went to the hospital a couple of days ago and got the diagnosis I was expecting, I am now on medication for this condition. Since this took place, the thing I have, has flared up. Did I do the right thing in going to the hospital? I think so, now I can work on restoring balance to the area, something That has been ongoing for a while now. It would be nice to see positive and long lasting changes to the whole thing. Just like it would be nice to positive and long lasting changes on the Western political scene, I do not like any of the current shower, they are sketchy in any number of areas, including basic biology. Mind you that is pare for the course, in a world where black is white and up is now down. Turn your television off and notice the difference it makes to your life. Above all don’t bother buying newspapers or watching the state broadcaster spouting it’s stuff. lots of people are suspicious of politicians and state media broad casters now, Just who is telling the truth, it is obvious who is telling the lies. They stand behind lecterns trying to assure the public that everything is ok and prices are not going up. Have you seen price increases where you live? Rest assured they are only going up. For the time being at least, please don’t blame Putin, that’s the job of the media. Some people might say it is climate change, question your political leaders first and if they don’t give you a straight answer throw eggs at the bastards. The price of them is going up as well, so make sure your aim is true. The price of things may come down at some point, just not now and for that matter not for a little while yet.

One day something beautiful will happen and all this nonsense will fall to the side. In the meantime it is important we sit back, say fuck it! and put the kettle on. Drinking tea helps with a multitude of different problems, it moistens our mouths, re-hydrates the organism and is refreshing or warming depending on the weather.tea is better than alcohol, does not make us into idiots and is better for the spirit alcohol on the other hand lowers our spirit and is of a generally lower vibration. Please make sure the tea bags are the compostable kind, either that or use tea leaves and chuck them straight in the compost bucket, they are better for the environment anyway.Another avenue to work has been closed off, but they did say come back later so I might. There again I may well keep looking for and simply doing my own thing. I do not like working for other people, or I might do if the employer was the right kind of person.

85 employers and counting, would you like to see my cv. Would you offer me a position if I applied to you with my current manuscript? I doubt it and that is why I have adjusted it to fit just the one page. Many employers pay next to fuck these days, barely enough to live on. Waiters, bar staff, cleaners, ware house staff all get sod all. Politicians of course get pay rises every year, it is one thing they all agree on and vote yes for. It is like criminals determining how long they ought to serve in prison before being released. Politicians are largely criminals, the only thing that differentiates them from the decent ones is, they wear suits. They make the bastards look respectable.