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This is the first post in a little while,One has been procrastinating in part and otherwise occupied in other matters.

So the new University year has started and for what is the 3rd year of academic study in my journey to attaining a degree in the arts, I think it would be hard to ask for anything better, I now have several thick books with lots of writing and  laden with images of beautiful art too, I could not be happier.

Studying aside, after 25+ years experience in the retail industry the time came to call an end to it all and have since moved into fundraising¬† and the interesting thing is when I first moved to this city 23 years ago, I saw a notice for the people I know work for and something inside me said I would be working for them one day, well to be honest they have changed their name (once) in that time but their core mission and principles are the same. It beats stacking things on shelves, stock takes, positioning FSDU’s and the like,¬† the mileage in the car has shrunk immeasurably, have more time to myself and am doing something I thoroughly enjoy.

When you bear in mind my last employers were Crooks (literally) in name and practice. It is so refreshing not to be dealing with those people anymore, I do not like people who cannot maintain professional distance and the administrator was just like that, a real nosey so and so, from Leeds which for those, who do not know is in West Yorkshire, their local Association Football club ( the game played with a round ball and eleven players on each team) is leeds Utd.

Football and Yorkshire aside, relationship wise we are still together she has gone home back to the States for the time being after being over here for 5 months.

Life is good right now.