Not much doing

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Now what does the man who has everything to write about and nothing to say actually write about? Well those people at the job centre wanted me in on Monday to answer their ridiculous questions. Happily I found something more important to do, like looking for or trying out a potential employer. How that goes or is going in terms of longer term employment is another matter. Right now I do not actually give a damn and have a hundred better things to bother my head about instead. Whatever my reasons for not attending, not going has provided me sometime to get on and do other things, I think the potential employer likes me however the next couple of days will demonstrate that. I can wait and in the meantime I am doing just fine and getting next years academic studies sorted out, Creative writing no, more history yes. Modern world 1919-present very much so. Writing about Nazis and Hitlerian policy for sure, slashing Marxist thinking into the mire certainly. Actually apart from the introductory notes, I have little idea of what the syllabus contains. But it continues from where I left off and that makes sense to continue so, creative writing can wait for another day. In the meantime I will stick to the gardening and make occasional forays into the looking for work thing. I am not going to repeat myself regarding my misgivings about this activity, it appears to only create misery, pain and anguish.

I am not a fan of any of these things. In other news J is away for an extended period and has been since last week. Hopefully she will be back in circulation sometime soon and the loud Dog has been complained about too, so hopefully that will also be rectified in due course. What else? Oh yes. Oh fuck. TBH I am more interested in researching right wing rock bands than writing just now. The words are not coming out as much as I would like them, perhaps I need a break and a mug of tea. Oh hell I only have that herbal stuff available and nothing containing caffeine. is going for a walk out to the shop a viable option? I can hardly cycle, seeing as the boneshaker was pinched last week. Which in actuality did me a favour, it was in shit state, needed a ton of work doing and was only getting worse. Time to get a new machine and get some more cycling miles under my belt without the risk of dodgy brakes, gearing and numerous other defects, I like the assurance a well maintained bike gives its user. I must also pay the rent, apparently buying a new washing machine is no excuse for not having done so. Perhaps I ought go round some peoples doors and ask for the debts they owe me, or more truthfully stop kidding myself that people owe me anything. They are not daft enough to borrow from me. Plus it is more the case that I owe them.

Clear out the savings account, find a sustainable source of income, rob the bank, win the lottery or whack a rich person over the head and pinch their wallet. There are many ways to get rich, not all of them reliable, many of them illegal and mostly not worth bothering with. In my misspent youth I used to rob out all sorts of places, always the big companies. I don’t know how much I stole, but it did not benefit me one inch, do I have anything to show for it now? Do I fuck, I am as skint as when I started and though my wallet may not be exactly bulging, I am wealthier than I have ever been. Riches do not always come in wads of bank notes, more precious are those counted in wisdom, life experience those things money cannot buy. I was thinking of going doing some gardening and found myself writing instead. Perhaps gardening will come next, there is rubbish to clear up. Later on I must cook food or starve and after that probably some painting. Then I shall sleep

Not doing very much

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Whilst in the midst of not looking for work. (Something I am not very good at) and studying (which needs improvement) I have been dropping by garden centres and the like and getting things in the ground for the new season. Other than that, contemplating empty hanging baskets and mending the cat, not much has taken place. Now the weather is nice, I am spending a bit more time out on the bicycle. I need the fresh air, space and exercise, it helps clear out my chest and lungs to. You see there is or at least was some unwanted matter there. It’s not the Covid, probably more just dust and stuff. Anyway I felt a lot better for my ride out into town the other day. Spring time being here, it is probably a good time to get out, and taking more fresh air, getting fit again.

I was going to write about a foul medical doc. I watched the other evening. Happily it has been lost forever, instead I shall write about something else. Not gardening though, every other thing on this page must look like it is to do with gardening. It just seems more interesting than house work and clearing up behind the Children. (Cats) Trust me, there is nothing exciting about what those wretched animals do or leave behind, expecting someone else to clean up behind them. They are lazy, demanding and for two of them… Vocal. However I would not swap them for anything, and they will always come first. What else is there,? Not much to be honest, it has been a remarkably uneventful few days here. Most of my time has been spent gardening, studying and or painting. The rest of it, well day dreaming and that kind of thing. Not worrying my head if I do not need to and spending more time in the here and now than previously.

It is high time, I checked to see if the Stylus has arrived, after that I am going to do some more school work and read about the deprivation in London in the late Nineteenth century.