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So I was asked a couple of days ago if I had blogged of recent, this I guess is my response to that question. I am not writing cause I now feel obliged to, far from it, it was on my mind in any case and that served as a catalyst for getting things done. Having got my last assignment out of the way helps too, it means my energies can be better spent elsewhere, here or perhaps in the garden, though the weather is grey, dull and thoroughly un-summer like. Which despite my own love of sunshine makes it a rather good time to go and do things out there. The weeds need hoeing, the hedge needs a CHOP and the lawn needs pricking and re-sowing because right now it looks like a moth eaten rug. Gardens can and do provide a whole area of pleasure away from the drudge and bore of life, help us to deal with our life stresses and any attendant bogies we wish to deal with. They may also provide a pleasant means of earning an income, certainly if you find the right sort of person (people) to work for. In any case it is better than working in a shop or similar environment, I had to inform the Job centre place about the dangers of forcing me into a job involving those places, I hope to fuck they have paid attention. After my making it very clear that all I really want to do is write, draw and do the garden On explaining everything else is non negotiable with risks attached, they let me go. On second thoughts it is probably better not to repeat my ideas of mass murder. They may take my seriously.

some completed work

What is it they don’t understand about 87 previous employers anyway?

some incomplete work

Employment aside. I have been painting again and now have a large pile of WIP, this comprises of several paintings of Nazi’s, some naked women and a few other bits and bobs. Amongst the bits and bobs are several paintings of Irma Grese, a subject I have explored previously and will no doubt explore again. In the meantime I will have to improvise in terms of pictures for the day as none of what I have downstairs is complete yet and it would be a shame to share anything that is not yet complete. In the meantime if you want to look at anything new, you can switch to HERE and see some other work that may not have been already published. That aside, it is now time I think to go make a mug of tea and am delighted mention that the missing packet of chocolate biscuits has been recovered which will make the tea drinking all the more rewarding and pleasant. The sky is still grey and crap looking,at least it is not raining, which reminds me the greenhouse needs watering.