Porn and The Irish Land War


I really wanted to write about porn, sex and jiggy jiggy today, but The Irish Land War sounds far more interesting. It entices, and cries out with its ecstatic moans of equality, absentee landlords and land clearances. The enticing images of evictions and people living in hedges, because their homes have been torn down. Draw me away from staring at bosoms, busts and butt cheeks. Blood engorged labia and swollen, moist Vulvae do not interest me a jot, I want to read about the Irish Land League and their fights with Parliament and Mr. Gladstone.  It is usual to find one has a greater amount of interest in one topic than another one. There is nothing interesting in watching paint dry, but there is, in choosing the paint you wish to use, is it suitable for the area, you are decorating? There are a whole bunch of over factors you may wish to take into Consideration. And it is important to make the right decisions based on sound judgement and acquired knowledge.

Why choose the rightly justified arguments of The Irish over porn? That way, I can get ahead in my studies and not put myself under any undue pressure. As a result of these actions,  I now have the introduction complete. It means I shall be starting to write about porn. (in greater detail) on another channel, where I do feel the need to mention grain prices in  late Nineteenth century Ireland. I would tell you, but the information is not directly to hand. Anyway I am watching a movie in between takes on writing this.

Finally writing articles directly into wordpress can see stuff getting lost forever. I am now starting to write more in a Word Processor instead, then copy and paste it later. It also means I have an automatic backup of all my work. I do currently run another site here, it is mainly about art and creativity. |Sometimes like this one, it can delve into gardening and not come out for a couple of days. It also features quite a lot more art there. I shall be writing more on The Irish Land War and other subjects, with luck, they will become available online here and in other places as appropriate. It will encourage me to write and improve  my PC skills too.