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So a few days ago I started being pursued by an admirer on IG, the usual format, fallen in love, bit boobs, engaging smile… Scam. My love life has not improved since, though I expect it could have got a lot worse if I was stupid enough to fall for that old trick. In the meantime I have been doing the garden, relaxing and being productive with a number of things going on. I have also made my excuses not to go into city today, I really cannot face the Dog awful place, the crowds, stink, dirt and general horribleness of the place. I have told the JC people and need to rest my head today. My anxiety shoots through the roof just thinking about that place, let alone going there. As a curative, I am going to be doing things here instead, vacuuming is out, as the cats are asleep and I do not wish to disturb them. I may go and paint the kitchen wall, or at least wash the walls down first, then do the painting. It will brighten the place up a treat and is much wiser than spending a fortune on having the place re-done professionally. I have the tools and know how and like to be creative, so why not?

Wall tiles are now clean, at least on one side of the kitchen. I have even scraped off the horrid wallpaper, that was previously underneath some tiling I removed previously. Now I have to decide whether to plaster the site over, make it fresh and paint or just bang a cupboard up there and tidy it afterwards. The tile painting is going to wait a little while until I have both sides cleaned and ready, I want to complete the operation with as little fuss as possible. In the meantime I must eat something and tidy the mess created. I have the strangest feeling the washing machine is going to move house quite soon and I will be learning some basic plumbing techniques at the same time. However first things first, the weather has brightened up, so I may go and do some gardening, or shall I paint? Too many decisions.

As it has happened, I sat down and watched a cowboy movie instead, the garden can wait. I would like to get the kitchen floor done, but need a warm day to open the windows and let it all dry out. Also I would have to mop the floor and a load of other exercises, none of which appeal to me right now. To compensate for all of this, I will be going training later on and blow off some more steam there. I have been doing some painting, but nothing what I would call complete is ready to be posted here