RIP Charlie Watts

politics and religion

I have been sitting around, twiddling my thumbs and letting good ideas go to waste these last few weeks. So as a result I thought it a good to stop painting at least for a little while and write instead. It makes more sense than being peed off at a lack of productivity and or creative output, the garden is part of that, but is largely eyes only, a place to hide in and have peace away from the world. That is why I help my mate dig out his allotment and prepare for a new growing season, it also keeps us both fit and to create another place of serenity and peace as well.

The weather is being nice again, it is warm and though the nights are drawing in, there is still plenty of light in the evening to garden and to plan out the land for the future. Many people are concerned about the lack of goods on the shelves, growing your own may help (in part at least) Others are concerned about the Covid and its many variants. Certainly more and more employers are insisting that staff get jabbed up, yet the govt. (Do you trust them) are now talking about booster shots, will their nonsense and fear mongering ever stop? Or is that the Medias task. talking about the media, do you know where that word comes from?

Medea, con los hijos muertos, huye de Corinto en un carro tirado por dragones (Museo del Prado).jpg

Medea was a sorceress from Greek myth, the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and a niece of Circe. Strangely enough, another sorceress, who appears in the Odyssey, the Ulysee’s journey home from Troy. Anyway she was known as a sorceress and for hypnotising and otherwise manipulating people through devious means. Have you noticed how the media does the same sort of thing, frightening people with stores of disease, horror, war, famine and Dog knows what else. Conspiracy mongers even suggest that the media and govt. work hand in hand to manipulate and cow people into submission and paranoia. They may well be right, certainly there is so much in society these days, that it makes you think a little bit. The media also makes you stupid, through brain dead television and magazine publications. Have you watched the box recently, what did you last watch? Or more accurately, what do the listings offer? Celebrity, reality tv and soap opera’s. Little or nothing of use or knowledgeable to the human mind or spirit. Is sport actually that interesting, it is certainly a great waste of time, especially watching it.

There are a thousand better things to do than watch sport, handing your money to bloated billionaires who do not give a fuck for you or your families. They care about money and having more of it. They want you to be sat in front of the box watching overpaid idiots kicking a bag of wind around a field, distracting you from the amount of shit they are wreaking upon the world. They want you to divide yourselves into different camps, under different flags with different ideologies. That way they will win, whilst you are hating and dividing and being conquered. It is time to wake up, take action and tell your elected representatives to go fuck themselves. Switch off the tell-a-lie-vision, stop buying newspapers and those dreadful magazines and do something positive, take back control and boot out the likes of Johnson and Biden, remembering to get rid of their hangers on at the same time. Johnson does not know his arse from his elbow, he bluffs and blusters to make himself more charming. He is a stinking sociopath and an idiot to boot. Biden, from my experience of working in care, looks like he has Alzheimers or at least the beginnings of, just like Ronald Reagan. Who barely knew one thing from another at the beginning of his presidency, let alone at the end of it.

What else? I mowed the lawn yesterday and went over my mates allotment and dug over the land to prepare it for future productivity. I have also been job hunting like a man possessed and as a result am fed up to the back teeth of filling in application forms and going to interviews. Though I imagine, there might be a bit more before I find a new place to earn my bread. It is either work or winning the lottery, maybe a combination of both. I would still work, just on my own stuff. University is starting back soon and I am looking forward to that.

lying dogs and scum


I recently got back from a weeks holiday in Woolacombe North Devon. We camped in a field, where it smelt of sewage. Essentially our camp site was fit for refugee’s and many have probably seen a lot better. Like old army barracks, which at least have a roof on them and four walls around. I lived in similar dwellings as an army cadet, it was all part of the adventure you know. Never once did any of complain, life at an English public school saw to that. It was almost luxury in comparison. That these people come here on their rafts, then have the audacity to complain about their accommodation, tells me one thing. They ought to all piss off back over the channel and and go back to where they came from. We have a homeless problem in this country and these idiots want a home? I will show them where home is and pint them in the right direction too.

This countries govt. are a bunch of self serving, spit licking liars and thieves. Hypocritical in the extreme, their actions make sensible, decent people want to vomit. P.M. Johnson was the pig that His predecessor was alleged to have fornicated with. I bet he squealed numerous times that day. I wonder if they passed him around between themselves, at that party. Can anybody who reads this blog, tell me their countries govt. are not a bunch of crooks? Some of them are even murderers. They just get other people to kill off their opponents, to ensure they stay in power remains unchecked. saying that Vladimir Putin makes a far better political leader than dear Boris. Maybe that is why outlets like the Bilderberg broadcasting Corporation, forget to mention Russia in the news these days. Just endless shit about the fashionable disease instead.


Too many lies have been uttered by these people, too many greedy drug companies. Too much F.E.A.R false events appearing real. Study history and read what Dr. Goebbels said about the big lie. Ask yourselves, why is it called the Government. GOVERN: control , MENT: from the word mental: The Mind. The same reason why we have Parliaments, they speak to the mind parlez: from the French ‘to speak’

Other news: It is overly warm here at the moment, it is not being caused by global warming. But drink plenty of fresh water anyway and do not spend too long baking yourself out there. A little but often is way better, than too much for too long. Do not worry about the sun screen, wear a T shirt, the suns rays will happily penetrate that, giving you a healthy dose of Vitamin D whilst you are going about your business. Go out, enjoy the sun and fart in the direction of your countries government. I will be.,