I received my 2nd paper back today from University. Thought I had done pretty well and might have scored a decent mark which has been a small matter of late.  Part of it may be not understanding the question and missing the point going off on tangents and so forth, ADHD can do this to you, well it does it to me. Being Autistic might have something to do with it though many people on the spectrum tend to be very precise and to the point though that is not always the… Read More


Apart from work and study and more work, one of my great loves is painting. Over the last couple of weeks I have been working at the easel. A few disasters have come out and they got thrown away; it would seem I have done enough nudes or, should I be honest and say naked women.                                                         I heard the words of my fiancé in… Read More


  This is the first post in a little while,One has been procrastinating in part and otherwise occupied in other matters. So the new University year has started and for what is the 3rd year of academic study in my journey to attaining a degree in the arts, I think it would be hard to ask for anything better, I now have several thick books with lots of writing and  laden with images of beautiful art too, I could not be happier. Studying aside, after 25+ years experience in the retail industry… Read More

On closing an account

I Like to do work with the Tarot, this system of divination can provide many insights into events and how one should go about seeking the best solution to matters that are on ones mind. Whilst this method has been in use since time immemorial it is also important to maintain an open mind and also accept that common sense may also have a part to play in ones decision making, you do not need a pack of cards to determine the outcome of approaching a venomous serpent! So a week ago,… Read More

Letter to:

This was originally written as a letter in a long-ish lunch break whilst working in a bakery around 2004  at this time of year. It has been edited to correct various errors and some of the content has been changed. When writing a book, you have to consider three things: the beginning, the middle, and the end. What the rules are as to writing a letter, I do not know, I have written plenty of letters in the past, learning the various rules in school. which  I still remember. I want to … Read More

Pink Floyd/ The Albatross

Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air” so goes the first line of Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Echoes, taken from their album Meddle I like the tune and Albatross’ too though they are not so closely connected there is a connection here and this is just a continuation of that. I have listened to the music of Pink Floyd since I can remember and probably a little bit before that too as some of what I remember is not clear as some of the Pink Floyd that I have listened too…. Read More


My landlord can be a useless sod and it takes him at least half a year to pull his finger out to do anything apart from complain that the rent is missing of course there he has no problems.   My House The previous guys who lived here, the washing machine died, and it took seven weeks to get a new one. The excuse being one of them was not coughing up the right money each week so as a result everybody had to suffer. Anyway we have a fairly good working… Read More


I had to ask myself a question a few years ago, how do you say thank you to a group of people who have inspired, buoyed up, and otherwise preserved your sanity, through some incredibly dark times and continue to provide that sense of peace and solace on an almost daily basis? When you have never met them, except  in your dreams.  And then only as a passing whisper a chord or two on a summer’s breeze.  What do you write, what do you say?  In 2006 after a couple of false… Read More


I miss her terribly, I miss her so much it hurts and when I ought to be knuckling down and working which I am, you see as she went into this dark place, I guess it was a case of doing too much too soon and what with her having Bi –polar it proved a little too much and coupled with her Aspergers it must have made things really stress full. Coincidentally I had managed to slice my arm up at work in fact I came home to her decision to cancel… Read More


This article is titled “untitled” simply cause right now there is nothing in my mind to fill that space, maybe it shall come later on. I have recently started painting again after what has seemed like years when in fact it has been just a couple of months  the main reason I guess is I am now studying for a degree and where this could take up a large amount of time it does not cause I am not the most dedicated of students still I enjoy the subject(s) I have chosen… Read More