Hello good morning and all that, the sun is shining here and it looks to be the beginning of quite a nice day. It would of course be nicer if I found out how that application or applications went for the various jobs I have tried for went. I dislike being kept hanging around, it does nothing for my bowels and is generally tiresome. All the more so, when they said they said Tuesday. Perhaps it is simply easier to work for myself, it certainly skips DBS and the rest of it, which result in further delays and tiresomeness. There are several other things I would like on top of employment news, they have been mentioned previously, it would be pointless mentioning them now, it won’t help and might even result in sounding boring. I have decided to reopen a recently closed account of sorts and am now wondering if it was the right thing to do, sometimes this brain of mine drives me mad I will not mention what other humans can do to it. I honestly think being a cat would be much easier, especially that sleek black one who spends all her time on the windowsill sunbathing.

My boy Ninja is now cone less and his wounds have cleaned up nicely. He still looks a little patchy, but that is only cosmetic his coat will grow back soon enough. Right now he is enjoying the sun and pretending to ignore the Goldfish. I went to a job interview and it was a car crash, I hope to Christ I do not get the position though knowing my luck… Despite this and other setbacks I have managed several chuckles today cause I bought an old copy of a grown ups comic with lots of swearing and other amusements in it. The only thing it is missing is The Bum Faced Goats, The Bottom Inspectors and several others. One imagines they will be available in other issues of this fine publication. The one I introduced my Dad to as The Beano for grown ups.

What else has happened? Not much to be honest. It has been a pretty boring day so far and a pretty tiresome and drawn out week for that matter. The shit next door’s taste in noise has dropped down a couple of notches. These days it sounds like a bunch of angry black people ranting away at some stuff or other. trying to fathom what they are saying is beyond me, but there again do I really want to know.? I think a dogs fart has more harmony to it than that rubbish and I thank God I was born at a time when we actually had decent music to listen to. I have another interview in a short while, however I am sick of the damned things, that and filling in application forms, tweaking cv’s and a whole bunch of other like crap.

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