I closed a web account today, I thought that it no longer served my purposes, or was otherwise not part of my current vibration. Sorry to sound pretentious, but that was the word on my lips (fingers) So that is what I typed. Upon further thinking, that web site does address my current needs, but due to various things, including self doubt, anxiety and disagreeing with some of the content used on that site. Plus uncertainty over the username, increasing angst and forgetting that maxim about making decisions, whilst under emotional instability, I killed my relationship with something, that had not been part of me for any serious length of time.

I have recently revisited another website with whom I distanced myself. What for do I hope to think it may ne different this time. Yes I do, but there again I think what’s the point? How long will it last? Or I repeating myself, I fully acknowledge, that yes I am. To hell with it, so what, fuck it and so what.

I shall do further decision making, based upon sound and sober judgement. I shall also look forward to writing earlier in the day and not just before I am planning to go to bed.

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