Pig F*cking Prime ministers


The last few weeks, have been somewhat busy. With a lot of that time being spent with people I have not seen in a long while. A lot of that time, has been spent outside, in the garden. Chilling, relaxing and watching the fire burn. The flames dance and where the sparks are going to land. The rest of it has been spent sat on the terrace chatting, chilling and having an easy time together. Unfortunately our neighbours have a diabolically shit taste in music, That is if you can call it music. I think noise is probably more accurate and that noise is repetitive, toneless and makes one feel ill. ideally I would like to destroy the machine, that plays this stuff and the adverts that come with it. Yes adverts as well, FFS I worked in advertising for long enough. I do not need more of that stuff.

Does anybody really, truly believe that our dear leader has his hands on the reins, that he knows what is going on and which direction his horse is travelling? Does anybody else think, he was the pig that got fucked by David Cameron, and that he was passed around like at a children’s party. Pass the Piggy, instead of pass the parcel, sorry arsehole. He is currently in Cornwall at a G& summit, stuffing his fat Old Etonian face on Caviar, I sincerely hope he chokes on the stuff, it will do him and the rest of the world some serious good if he does. I do not like this new WP layout, it makes it all too easy to delete stuff and retrieving it, is nigh on impossible. The old version, though clumsy at times, was navigable and easy to use.

What else is there, that can be written about and possibly cause some kind of offence? Taking the knee at football matches, the pity is I do not watch football, it is excruciatingly boring and comprised of idiots who can barely sign their names, getting paid too much for doing so and with shite awful taste in everything. Does anyone actually give a toss about those bloody WAGS, that follow them around? Just why are people so obsessed with reality Television and celebrities? Somebody please tell me why, before this thing I am using decides to delete stuff again.

I suppose posting pornographic stories on here may not go down so well. So I shall have to put them elsewhere.

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