So today and the last few days. I have been completing my exams for this year and am now doing other stuff. Today I bought six Goldfish and put them into the pond. They seem happy enough, they interesting viewing. There are four who stay together in a bunch. One appears to be very brave and goes exploring ahead The last one hides somewhere. I got a big sack of manure and fed the roses and generally did stuff around the garden. A few days ago I was being careless and not looking what I was doing, or for that matter. Not looking where I was going , or putting my feet. The ground/grass gave way and I fell into the pond. Receiving a big scratch on my back for my efforts. The water was cold, it gave a nasty shock and the lawnmower was lucky not to join me.

We have several bird families living in the garden. Blackbirds, Blue tits. Pigeons and magpies come regularly. I think the cats may find it frustrating, But they are not allowed to catch birds. Or at least that is the rule. Fox is much better than he was, he stays at home more now. What else? the terrace, kitchen and back room hall all been scrubbed clean and are gleaming. Thank you D, your help is much appreciated, as is your company. There is probably plenty more to write about, I am not going to do it now. maybe later or elsewhere.

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