So the kittens have all gone to their furrever homes all that is bar one who I suspect is staying where they are, at least for the time being. Which meant apart from speaking to the grown up cats and admonishing them for being lazy and all the other silly things you can say to cats, I spent the day doing garden repairs, drinking tea and cracking jokes.

That exercise finished I came home and did some artwork. Sparing myself the bother of painting the back room, that can wait as can any more painting of any flavour today. I am relaxing and watching a film instead and am speaking to J intermittently she is engaging herself in making her dinner, we hope to be making each other dinner very soon, it is just a matter of when.

I want to be doing some changes on here in the next few days or so and start adding galleries and excerpts from stuff I have written, trying to translate my handwriting in one swoop is a trial and a half and it will also mean I can continue work on more material without putting myself off of writing for life by doing things the hard way, or thinking it is a race again.

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