When in the States


I have been away from home for the last four weeks. No I have not been in hospital though at times I do feel that would have been a good place to go and escape to and hide and do whatever it is that people do there. That was actually more than four weeks ago and at times i felt so mixed up I was unsure what was going on, so I wrote about shotgun cartridges instead.

The tablets are I think helping, maybe even the drink. Though the amounts I have poured down my throat of recent are probably way over any recommended guidelines. This has resulted in some serious insomnia, waking up at silly hours, going to bed at silly times and  not being able to rest, let alone sleep. Not good.

thumbnail_image1                                    52661132_10100199914573558_1629774762655875072_n

I have had the support of J at this time, we are living at her apartment in NY state a far cry from my home turf. The weather here does funny things and the weather forecast seems to change every five minutes. Snow, rain , high winds or whatever else. We even have sunshine.

Creativity has been off the menu for the duration, apart from now and like it or not I have to prepare to go home at the end of this week. We are planning on getting married when our finances improve.

We recently bought each other a pair of dolls, or is that I bought myself a doll and another one for J. She wants to name hers (the yellow one) Jimmy Mischief. The other one is Hillary. I hope they form a healthy relationship together. Though Hillary needs some boots to go out in.

J has recently done her Reiki level 2.

I love her ever so much.

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