I had to ask myself a question a few years ago, how do you say thank you to a group of people who have inspired, buoyed up, and otherwise preserved your sanity, through some incredibly dark times and continue to provide that sense of peace and solace on an almost every day basis?

When, you have never met them. Except  in your dreams.  And then only as a passing whisper a chord or two on a summer’s breeze.  What do you write, what do you say?  In 2006 after a couple of false starts, that turned into something else,

It came as an answer to an assignment, whilst at Art College, it fulfilled several purposes. One was to do the college thing and two it would clear some stuff out of the house making my life a little less cluttered, You see this stuff had been hanging around my place since I could remember and when you bear in mind, a lot of it was old before it even came into my possession, then you may agree that it would be time to do something.

There is one more person involved in this equation, the person who sent me all that stuff, who collated and collected and cut little bits of paper, out of larger sheets of paper and got their fingers covered in old newsprint in the process. Having done a fair bit of snipping as well, it is safe to say, it is a horrible task.



My own personal journey with the band began many years ago it was a shitty very short lived comic called Buddy that was sold over here it had a free gift attached each week and a comic strip story about a famous person, one of them was about John McEnroe and that where it took off from. ( Actually this is not entirely true.) more likely than not I had hear their material on the radio or otherwise countless times prior to that but don’t ask me when or where.

pink floyd pt.1

Now this might be the place to start writing a long winded albeit interesting history of the bands beginnings, is there any real need?  Enough people have written plentiful amounts on the subject and it’s time for something new. To be perfectly honest, I have at various times already written quite a lot of stuff on the band in question, the thing is whether I want to include it all here or write elsewhere too may including little bits maybe the better way forward   and at the same time working on those other things too which will create the bigger pictuire that I am eventually seeking to show the world. The problem is of course there is a whole lot more writing to be done, on a whole load of different topics and that’s before I mention the degree course. If this has not been mentioned previously, then I shall mention it now and not expect any sympathy for my reckless behaviour in taking up university study.

Whether it is because I have Autism/ Aspergers’s I am not sure  but what is for certain I listen to this band’s music almost every day it is kind of like an obsession, an addiction and out of the many addictions I have had, or do have is probably quite a healthy one at least I do not get sick if I do not listen to any for a while I just want to listen to more and that helps for a little while until it is time, to listen to a little bit more. Yes I am an addict.

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