A few years ago 3 1/2 years ago to be precise I wrote a blog item that said I was going to be getting rid of this blog or at least changing it to a different title something away from the name being used at the time which has now since been got rid of in its entirety cause it did not match the person who wrote it and it was for want of a better word plain crap  and because crap is not really so becoming it has been changed actually quite a lot has changed this site no longer babbles about conspiracy theories,politics and the like life is simply to short for such nonsense and there is now a degree course to be considered which believe it or not is a little bit more important than working out who killed JFK whether the royal family and the Vatican are engaged in sinister satanic goings on if they are good for them there are more interesting things to write about. it would seem that art is more interesting whether that art involves politics,religion,spirituality,environmental concerns or indeed auto-biographical stuff is lets say entirely coincidental.

Sometimes even the subject of Aspergers may come up I have not had  any official diagnosis though several “experts.” shall we call them have identified me as being one of those happy people who has this condition/syndrome attempting to get a specialist to have a look has proved so far to be a little challenging so in the meantime the bits I do not like I am working on and getting rid of the wrinkles a bit like ironing your shirt before an  interview.

It would also be nice to think that creative writing here will also tune up my essay writing skills which are lets say in need of a little polishing it being a few years since I last attended any educational course.

In the meantime heres a painting from around 15 years ago it was great fun to create and hugely satisfying apologies if its a bit off centre and needs trimming a better image shall replace it in the next few days.


copyright anabolicanartist 2002-2013


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