It would probably be a good idea, to provide a small introduction. I am a 47 year old male and live in Oxford, England and am currently going through a career change after 25 + years in retail and related industries.  So far being an artist and writer  is quite appealing. It means I can get up when I like and drink numerous cups of tea without people complaining. Unfortunately there are bills to pay, so I has to be realistic and search for other opportunities as well.


I became an artist by accident or was it pre-destined?  Whichever way it has paid dividends not so much financially, but certainly in terms of relaxation.  Bringing a state of peace and relaxation in an ever busy and noisy world.  Perhaps a little sanity as well.

Life is interesting, I was diagnosed with ADHD a couple of years ago, add a dollop of depression and a splash or two of anxiety and it’s even more so. Apart from the above, I have three black cats, enjoy pottering around the garden, reading and Karate.  I am currently not at university, and am happily married to Jackie.