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Not much doing

Now what does the man who has everything to write about and nothing to say actually write about? Well those people at the job centre wanted me in on Monday to answer their ridiculous questions. Happily I found something more important to do, like looking for or trying out a potential employer. How that goes…

Plant Based Laundry Detergent

To my great pleasure I discovered I have one bottle of cider. That means apart from a small amount of Port wine there is bug all to drink in the house. I have no plans to buy any more for at least 24hours and shall see how things are tomorrow. I may not even drink…

Sweet Pickled Baby Onions

I recently got back in touch with an ex. This is not as some of you may think J. We have never really stopped speaking to each other. No it is a case of going back in time a few more years and saying T. T came before J and J came after A. Much…

All artwork is copyright © Peter Craig-McFeely 2003-2020

One thought on “HOME

  1. Lovely writing.
    Post reikie
    Thank you…
    See you soon.
    Tomorrow indeed.
    Brill, Peter
    Thank you.

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