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Pig F*cking Prime ministers

The last few weeks, have been somewhat busy. With a lot of that time being spent with people I have not seen in a long while. A lot of that time, has been spent outside, in the garden. Chilling, relaxing and watching the fire burn. The flames dance and where the sparks are going to…


So today and the last few days. I have been completing my exams for this year and am now doing other stuff. Today I bought six Goldfish and put them into the pond. They seem happy enough, they interesting viewing. There are four who stay together in a bunch. One appears to be very brave…


So today and probably the next couple of days, I shall be kicking out a load of old artwork. Stuff that I either think is terrible or has simply been here long enough. I want to gain some space back, clear out old energy and establish anew. If you want any of it, then best…

All artwork is copyright © Peter Craig-McFeely 2003-2020

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