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So a few days ago I started being pursued by an admirer on IG, the usual format, fallen in love, bit boobs, engaging smile… Scam. My love life has not improved since, though I expect it could have got a lot worse if I was stupid enough to fall for that old trick. In the…


So I was asked a couple of days ago if I had blogged of recent, this I guess is my response to that question. I am not writing cause I now feel obliged to, far from it, it was on my mind in any case and that served as a catalyst for getting things done.…


So last week I think it was, time moves quite fast around here. I threw a load of artwork out, it has cleared the house somewhat and freed up the energy too. In case you are wondering no it did not go in the bin, it went to a charity shop where they kindly relieved…

All artwork is copyright © Peter Craig-McFeely 2003-2020

One thought on “HOME

  1. Lovely writing.
    Post reikie
    Thank you…
    See you soon.
    Tomorrow indeed.
    Brill, Peter
    Thank you.

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